Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Training Update

Honest to goodness, I swear we've been training. It has been decided that I will walk with Timber for Bark in the Park. Hazel is a good walker, but a bit hesitant around strange dogs. While Timber pulls very hard for such a short dog, he's the better natured of the two. The last few weekends Adam and I have taken the dogs out to the metro park to "train". Training mostly involves me learning to walk with the dogs and get Timber used to his new gentle leader. We actually did really well this weekend (that was after the video). I was able to get him to walk on a loose leash for a bit. Progress!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Training

Training for the Bark in the Park walk has officially begun. I'll only be walking with one dog and I haven't decided if it will be Timber or Hazel yet. To be honest with you, I rarely walk my dogs. And when I say rarely, I mean a couple times a year. I leave the daily dog walking up to my husband. They pull when he walks them too, only he's bigger and stronger than I am. 

Timber, despite his small stature, pulls on his leash very hard. Harder than Hazel for sure. Yesterday I purchased a gentle leader for Timber. My goal is to be able to walk him (not for him to walk me). So far so good. He's still pulling, but I'm able to maintain control. 

Hazel panting after a walk.