Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Fun

I'm not very good at servicing two blogs. Some days I can barely manage one. But we're here and we've been out doing summer things. 

On Fourth of July weekend we made our yearly trek to Bow Wow Beach, a dog park located around a large pond. Hazel has always thought she was part Lab and loves to play in the water. Despite her love for water, I don't really like to go to Bow Wow Beach. For starters, the dogs get really filthy when we're there. But besides that, there are always the dirty dogs (Hazel) that feel like the first thing they should do upon arrival is poop in the water. Then dogs like Timber, who don't really like to get wet or really know what they should do with around a pond, come around and drink the water. The last time I took both of them to Bow Wow Beach was probably in October of 2008. Timber threw up on the way home in the backseat of my car. It smelled like old fish.

Timber still drank the water on this trip but there was no throwing up later (yay!). He even ventured into the water this year. He has never actually swam in water, and last time we were at Bow Wow Beach he barely put a toe in. This year he at least got wet up to his chest. As you can see, for Hazel, it's a fully body event.

After about an hour of water play, Hazel called it a day by hanging out in the shade. 
Perhaps we'll make another trip this year. 

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